Hiring freeze???????

  1. 0 I was wondering if any other hospitals in Alabama were having a hiring freeze???? I do hospital based home care and in our Leadership meeting last week we were told that we could not hire for anymore positions. We had to work with what we had, and if anyone left that we could not refill those positions, even nursing positions. Anyone else having this problem???
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    Just lately we have had 4 vacant licensed positions requested to be replaced...denied.
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    I am still in school so I can not say for sure about the freeze. But, in the Gadsden, Ft. Payne area all you see in the paper these days are nurses wanted in the want adds.
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    I'm was wondering do anyone have any information on school nurses. Like how they get paid and the benefits. I'm trying to get out of the home health setting I want to stay put. How do I go about finding one.
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    This will be difficult. With education like it is now, with all the budget slashing, getting a school nurse job will be hard. Especially if you don't have peds or school experience. Check with your local school boards in your county. Good Luck
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    no freeze @ our place. Two folks just left our dept unexpectedly, so need help all the time!
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    School nurses in Alabama are pretty much paid just like teachers, according to degrees and years in a position (at the same school in the same district). They also can earn tenure (if they stay in the same job, at the same school, and in the same district). Some districts may be able to pay a little more. Some nurses who are employed by the school system teach health or HCOP (Health Careers and Opportunity Program) classes. Students in these classes (at least for my old district) are top of the line and the should be interested in a Healthcare career (including allied health). You, generally, have ZERO discipline issues from these kids. For salary info, you should be able to google the salary information and come up with some. You can use this link is to the calhoun county pay schedule as an example http://www.calhoun.k12.al.us/files/c...20schedule.pdf for this year. OHHHHHH and Alabama Department of Education only pays ONCE A MONTH....so budget, budget, budget!!!

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