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is there anyone out there that is attending herzing college lpn-rn email me... Read More

  1. by   cpl_dvldog
    I contacted Herzing back when I was looking for a nursing school. When I found out they required me to go to their LPN program, which was a year and over $22,000, then to throught the RN program, which was another year and over $25,000 I decided that was not the place for me. I was not willing to pay almost $50,000 and spend two years in a program where I can go elsewhere and spend about $12,000 and take less time.
  2. by   NikkiMac
    Herzing is an absolute rip off, they are a "for profit" school. I encourage ANYBODY that is considering Herzing to watch a documentary on Netflix called "College For Profit Schools" before you sign your name to 50,000$ of debt when you can go to a community college that is Nationally accredited, get Pell Grants and spend 12K for a REAL Associate's Degree in Nursing. I was ripped off by Herzing in 1997 and it took me almost 6 years to pay it off and be able to go to a real school.