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Been looking for someone applying for Gadsden State Fall 2011 RN program. There has to be some people out there???? Wondering what everyone is making on the TEAS V test??? Thanks!... Read More

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    Quote from gina197880
    I got my letters.....I got into LPN but my RN letter said I could be picked in the second round of acceptance. I have to send back a signed paper indicating I want to be in the second round of acceptance for RN by June 15th...little bit confusing.... but i'm somewhat happy!

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    miyhaka - - Have you heard anything from the second round RN applications??
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    I was told the second round, is basically the alternate list. Nope, I haven't heard from it.
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    I apllied to the LPN program by accident. I know that was crazy but I printed the wrong one. I didn't even see the application for the RN program. I was accepted into the LPN program. Does anyone know if you can just keep going into the RN program or do you have take the boards and apply for a license and everything first?
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    you can do the lpn rn just requires you to work 500 hours I believe as a lpn first then you can get into the RN program. I believe that is right..It is on the gadsden state website about lpn rn bridge.

    mlands26- I was told yesterday that I got into the RN excited now..this was my first choice.
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    Anyone that got accepted into LPN or RN program have your paperwork turned in but still not able to register??? I'm going nuts been in touch with them and they just don't have it in the computer yet? HELLO school starts next week!!!!!!! I'm getting very very anxious!
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    Has anyone made it in to the lpn program with a 60% on the teas test?
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