Gadsden State Community College RN Program Summer 17' Applicants - page 2

Hello everyone, Is there anyone who has applied to Gadsden States RN program? I'm in the process as we speak. Finishing up my admission to the college on this coming Thursday then I'm going to... Read More

  1. by   Joycelyn1
    I sent my ACT scores to them on the 3rd of this month and when I went to the session this pass Thursday they haven't received them. The lady in testing, which I can't think of her name was nice enough to let me pull it up. They said that every so often they get a disc sent in from ACT with scores and mine just hadn't made it yet. So when you go tomorrow let admissions or testing know when you took the test because if you haven't even got the results yet its going to take awhile for them to even receive them in the mail. So the nice lady in testing might let you come pull it up on her computer once you get the score verses sending them in the mail......I know I just said two mouth fulls but I hope you read me lmao.
  2. by   denise067
    I took the residual with gadsden. They will be the only ones getting my scores. I didn't take the nationals with everyone else. The scores are only for gadsden state students. I was also told that the scores come back much quicker than it would if I had taking them nationally. I am just praying that I did well enough to qualify.
  3. by   Joycelyn1
    Oh ok I where would you be commuting from? Ill be coming from Tuscaloosa
  4. by   denise067
    Lithia Springs, GA..I live right off 20. It is a straight shot for me
  5. by   Joycelyn1
    I live in Marietta as of now
  6. by   denise067
    I just got my scores back on the ACT residual..I made an 18.. I made enough to qualify. I just put my application for fall in today..I really have a good feeling about my chances on getting in..I hate that I will not be able to start in the summer with you all but I will be rooting from the sidelines. Let me know if you all got into gadsden state?
  7. by   Joycelyn1
    I will let you know if I got accepted into Gadsden. My first choice is Bevill this summer and I'm waiting on a letter to come this week actually from them.
  8. by   toneal94
    I applied to Gadsden for the Fall program too. I have a 22 on the ACT and I am applying with 36 points. How many points are you guys applying with ? And do you know what a good cutoff number is ?
  9. by   Joycelyn1
    Good luck toneal. Tbh I don't know how many points I had. I got accepted to Bevill so I won't be going to Gadsden this summer
  10. by   denise067
    OMG...Congratulations...I wish you the best..Will you please let me know if you were accepted into Gadsden State..
  11. by   denise067
    I do not know what my points are, however, I am coming in with a degree, all of my pre-reqs done, I attended another nirsing program previously, and I passed the act..I am hoping that it is enough to qualify me for the nursing program in the fall.
  12. by   Joycelyn1
    Hey you guys I got accepted but I'm going to decline because I'm going to Bevill
  13. by   addriannie
    Do anyone know about the night program at the Cherokee campus. Is it still 5 semester?