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:nurse: I turned in my paperwork to Gadsden State's RN program. The waiting is killing me. The deadline was April 15th. I wonder how long it will take to hear something? I know finals and grades are not posted yet, but if... Read More

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    You are truly deserving of making the cut. Optimism like flattery will get you everywhere. I like the way you think. I myself look at the glass half full. I know those of us that make it into the program are going to be overwhelmed in all ways imaginable, but with a positive attitude we will all persevere.

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    i did not get accepted for RN. I am keeping my fingers crossed for LPN. Mrs. Mayo said the normally admit around 35 per campus. Does anyone know about how many points normally get you into that program?? None of the advisors will say anything :/
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    I finally got my letter & I'm in!!! So excited!! Congrats to everyone!
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    Yay!!!!!!!! I am so very happy for you!! I hope you have a good summer and maybe I will see you on campus come fall!
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    I wasn't accepted for the RN program but was for LPN program. I can't even put into words the overwhelming feelings that I experienced upon receiving the acceptance letter. It's such a wonderful feeling to know my dreams will be a reality in the near future. Good luck to all that are still waiting on their letters and congratulations to those who already made it in one of the programs.
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    Hey everyone! I applied to Gasden for the RN program, but I did not get in. I was told I was a possible alternate. I was wondering if anyone would share their points, and maybe friends points too because I am curious as to how close I am to the students who were accepted.

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    Congratulations to everyone who was accepted into the RN/LPN programs. I did not get accepted into the RN program, but thankfully I was accepted into the LPN program. I so excited and nervous and can't wait until fall! Hope everyone has a great summer.
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    Congrats MMcduffs! I am so happy for all! I start Nur 104 tomorrow!!!! Very nervous! When I went online to Blackboard this morning there was so much already posted! Maybe I made a big mistake taking Psy and Speech class with this Pharmacology class! The Speech and Psy class are just for the month of June, but still.......I am so nervous about tomorrow! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!
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    Thanks pcurbow! Congrats to u! I decided to take the summer off and start fresh this fall. How's NUR 104? Is it hard? Is there anyone else starting LPN program this fall? Is there anyone already in LPN program that can give any insight into the classes/work?
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    This is the 3rd class meeting and the first testing day in Pharmacology (NUR 104) We had two tests today and from now on we will have a test each meeting on the previous Module. I was relieved that I had studied enough for the tests we had today. The math was easy and I had studied the theory stuff enough. I know that it is going to get harder though.

    To other students at Gadsden State, this class is made up of LPN students and RN students. It is quite large with 47 on roll. Some of the students are from other Gadsden State campuses. I would advise those of you waiting till August to try and find an old dosage calculations book from a friend or from local thrift store, or even library. You can almost teach the stuff to yourself and then be extra ready. We have covered the first 4 chapters and are doing heparin and insulin calculations this week.

    The instructor is extra nice and she posts every lecture on WIMBA and provides lots of online stuff for us as well.

    I know that the content is going to get harder as the course progresses. I will try to update later in case some of you are wondering what it will be like when you take the class. Enjoy your summer!

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