DNP at USA anyone?

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    I was just wondering if anyone here was currently in the DNP program or were about to begin it. I have been accepted into the program for Fall 09. I would love to talk about it!

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    I can't do PMs yet. A group of us have gotten together to make roommate plans/dinner plans. If you will PM me your email, I will forward the emails to you so you can join us!
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    Sounds good!! I sent you my email. Cant wait for this to finally get off the ground!!
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    CardioTrans, I have been thinking about DNP. In FNP at UAB right now. Keep us updated, I would like to know how it is.
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    Will do!!
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    How is the DNP program at USA coming, are you happy with the program, and most important what are the course requirements (ie, assignments, papers, and avg time/wk spent studying)? I am awaiting acceptance into the Fall 2010 DNP FNP Program.
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    Hello love_np, there are several of us entering the program in the fall that communicate through this site. Did you get your official acceptance letter yet?
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    I would love to hear what people in the program feel about the MSN to DNP program. I am hoping to start fall 2011.
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    Just wondering how things were going. Are you enjoying USA?
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    Hello Critical Care RN, I also am starting in the fall of 2011, the MSN program.
    Would you please reply as to how satisfied you are with the school and the contacts and information provided.
    I have a few questions still unanswered and I was wondering if you have the name or number of anyone helpful there?
    Thanks, Iconcurr

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