Calhoun Spring 2012 Applicants!

  1. Anyone else apply for spring 2012 nursing program at calhoun? I'm so nervous but I'm hoping I got in I got an A A&P1 a B in A&P2 a 72 on my TEAS and im still not sure any of that is was enough to get in. Im currently taking micro as well.
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  3. by   kimmy70
    good luck! me too!
  4. by   mee-mee
    Does anyone know when the Spring letters will go out and about how many applied this semester?
  5. by   5LR14
    Good luck to all!

    It's a really good program I wish y'all the best!
  6. by   mee-mee
    Did you start in the Spring or Fall?
  7. by   5LR14
    I started in the fall...I'll be graduating in Decemeber!
  8. by   mee-mee
    congratulations! I wish they would hurry up and get our letters out, it killing me waiting.
  9. by   5LR14

    I remember the wait being horrible! Just try to stay busy. And enjoy every second of not studying that you can because once you're in you will be studying constantly!

    Do you mind me asking how many points you had?
  10. by   mee-mee
    I made 69.7 on teas. I have an b in both a & p's. I haven't taken micro yet but I was in lpn at nwscc last year and withdrew because I didn't have all my basics and it was too much to do all at one time, but I completed pharmacology. Hopefully that will help but will just have to wait and see.
  11. by   brittanee731
    Im anxiously waiting as well. I made a 69 on my Teas and have an A in both A&P I and II. I am currently taking micro and have an A so far. Im hoping it will be enough
  12. by   rcfj2290
    The waiting is killing me but I'm starting to psyche myself out. I know the day I get my letter is getting closer and closer. But I'm soooo worried I won't get in.
  13. by   kimmy70
    Me too me too!!! Everyday I go to the mailbox with butterflies in
    my stomach. Surely this is the week!!
  14. by   brittanee731
    Got my acceptance letter today!!! YAY!

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