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Hey Everybody, I have applied to the Calhoun part time/evening ADN program and just wondered if anybody can tell me about it? Any information would be great. :coollook: Are there any... Read More

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    Better learn to love those pants!
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    Is everyone getting excited??
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    Ack! Ihave tried to post a reply 3 times!!! I a soooo ready to get this show on the road! I have vaccs except for Hep B done, TB tests done, Uniform - check, Shoes- got today. Need next Hep B, physical/lab work, books,equipment
    (steth, bp cuff, penlight, nurse pak) and to finish CPR course. ummm, I think thats it! Remind me if I have forgotten anything! So in a word- Yes- I am ready and excited! Hey, do you need the nurse pak the first semester? probably. Does the stetthascope need to be double tubing? they didn't say....
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    Good luck everyone!

    @relysh82: You will need the nurse pack, and it doesn't matter about the stethoscope!