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I am applying to Calhoun community 2013, and would just like to get a forum started, to see who all is applying! (:... Read More

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    Someone called the post office and the letters have been mailed!! Check today's mail everyone! Post here if you got it!
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    Everyone check your mailbox! I called and the nursing school voicemail says they were sent yesterday! Ahhhh YIPEE
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    On another page, folks are saying they've received letters today (6/21)!!!
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    I GOT IN!!! :0 See all of you lovely ladies at orientation July 22nd!!
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    I applied for the spring! I've been out of college for 2 years, so I got the book for a refresher. I only studied a week before the test and made a 74. I spent the most time relearning remedial math and memorizing as many bold words as I could.
    I dropped my application in the mail today... November can't get here soon enough!!!!