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Calhoun Community College full time RN Spring 2013 - page 3

Is anyone applying for Spring? I have never attended Calhoun before and don't know much about the program. Does anyone know what the cutoff is? Any info would be greatly appreciated!... Read More

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    Well I was able to register this week after orientation but Calhoun screwed up and canceled my classes due to nonpayment even though I am on financial aid. I have never had this happen. They sent me an email a few minutes before they closed for the weekend. So now have to wait until Monday to see what the deal is.
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    Hi! I just wanted to say good luck to everyone who is starting this semester! I graduated from Calhoun's RN program December of 2011. It was a great program and so worth all the late study nights. They definitely get you ready for NCLEX. Enjoy!!
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    I'm very excited!!
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    Has anyone applied for Fall 2013?
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    I applied for fall 2013 (part time rn program)! Waiting!!!!!
    Do you know when the letters will be sent out?
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    no I dont know when letters will be sent out, im hoping soon! I wonder what the cut off score will be this year?
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    Hello all is there anyone applying for the spring 14? What did everyone use to study for the teas?
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    I applied for CCC ADN full time day program with 148 points and got accepted! Good luck everyone!!!
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    I'm looking into applying for the Spring 2014 program, but I noticed that Nursing 203 and 204 were not offered Summer 2013 (or it just appears that way), which would be the fifth term for a spring enrollment. Does anyone have any insight into this? Do people who enroll in the spring program get to attend for five consecutive terms?
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    Yes I'm applying for spring 2015

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