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Is anyone applying for Spring? I have never attended Calhoun before and don't know much about the program. Does anyone know what the cutoff is? Any info would be greatly appreciated!... Read More

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    I got in! And not without drama but I am so relieved and excited!
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    Hi Brandy. I'm not sure what the cut off was. My brother got in with 143 points. It is my understanding that anything in the 140's pretty much secures you (but I have heard in previous years it was as low as 100 (with an average around 120 or so)). It also seems to be a trend that the spring semester is a little less competitive to get into.

    You probably already know this, but the point system is broken down as follows:

    Grades in Anatomy I, II and Micro:

    A=30 pts B= 20 pts C=10 pts

    8 points for having all prereqs done

    3 for being a calhoun student

    x pts for TEAS test (1:1)

    I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I find Calhoun's staff to be ...less than helpful at times. They have great instructors, but the support from staff and the policies in general can be frustrating. Hope it works out!
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    Doh- I guess we must have posted at the same time. Grats on getting in!!!
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    Thank you, I never wanted to be overly confident but with 176 pts going in, the mishap was upsetting!

    Anyone here taking the CPR class at Calhoun? If not, where are you taking it?
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    I'm probably going to renew it at Huntsville Hospital. Mine expired this year. I think my brother is also going to take it there. I've taken CPR at calhoun when I took my EMT-B courses over there. This is just my opinion, but I didn't learn nearly as much as when I took it at Huntsville Hospital's Corporate University.
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    Hi ladies. I just happened to run across this board. I too am in the Spring nursing program at Cahoun. I took the CPR at Calhoun. HYbrid class. Lessons and test online. Meet once for 1.5 hours depending on amount of people. Took 2 weeks for my card to be ready for pickup. Easy peasy.
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    Brandy glad they got your grades cleared up.
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    On one hand I think I would be the world's ugliest lady (you know, my first name being Jason and all....) on the other hand I guess it would be cool to get free drinks on lady's night.
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    Sorry Jason. How about glad everyone got in
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    Jason, Ladies night is overrated- you're not missing anything

    I was looking into the Red Cross and Huntsville Hosp. for CPR classes...I think the Red Cross offers a hybrid course but is that accepted for this Nursing Program?

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