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Calhoun Community College ??

  1. 0 Hello to all! I am currently awaiting a letter from CCC, hopefully it's a letter of acceptace. I am so nervous/worried about getting in. I applied this Fall for SPring of 2012. I was wondering if anyone cold tell me about when the letters normally come in? I was also wonderinf about how many point normally get in. I was taking to the a women who worked in nursing and said people have got in with as low as 110 and high as 140. I only have 115. NOt high at all I know. I have taken A&p I and II. I made a B in both, i took them at UNA. I am currently taking Micro, which i know doesnt count for this application. I am only one class away from having all move basics so I dont get those points either. I made a 72 on TESA, which isnt great either. Does anyone know of people that got in with those kind of points??.

    THank YOU
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    I'm waiting also. I was wondering the same questions. Also when will we get the letter and about how many applied for the spring semester. I haven't heard anything but figure it has to be soon cause I think their orientation is some time around Thanksgiving.
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    Hello and welcome to the site. I moved your thread to the AL Nursing Programs Discussion forum. Hopefully you get some helpful responses here.

    Good luck with your acceptance.
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    Good luck to both of you!!

    I'm currently in the program, and I really enjoy it. Acceptance really depends on who all has applied and how many points they each have. Like you said, they only take a certain number, (I think I started with around 250+/-) so person 250 could have 100 pts or person 250 could have 180pts.

    Let me know when y'all hear something! Good luck
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    Thank you all for replying. Meemee I asked someone who was in the program and she said the letter wont come til the end of Nov or beginning of Dec Good luck to you too! How many points did you have if you don't mind me asking.
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    That seems right for when letters should go out. Classes start January 9th, and you will have orientation a few weeks before.
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    Advising office said that they have orientation at the end of Nov so I'm thinking that they will have to have letters out by Thanksgiving. plus tution and fees have to be paid by dec. 6 so they would have to have you registered by then, right???
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    Right! So hopefully you won't have to wait much longer...exciting!!
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    Thanx for telling me I didn't know that!
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    I got in!!!!
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    It appears that the letters have gone out. Haven't received mine yet but a couple of my friends got theirs and they did not get in. Has anyone else got a letter???
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    I got mine today! I got in!!!
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    Congrats! I hope I get mine tomorrow.