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  1. Hey, I just recently found out I was accepted into Calhoun's Traditional ADN (full time) but I also have a full time night job working 40 hours a week (tues-sat). I am considering getting a part time job but I am wondering if anyone is or has been in my shoes. Can anyone tell me how much time I will need to study while I am in the program? Is working part time the best choice or is it possible to pass with A's and B's while working full time.
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  3. by   cjungen
    I am just finishing up the LPN program at Calhoun. The first 2 semesters the LPN's and ADN's are together so I can tell you how it will be. The first semester you have class 2 days a week 8-2 and clinicals 1 day 8-1, if you want to make A's and B's you need to study 3-4 hours a day (the reading for lecture takes a lot of time). Plan on starting to study for tests at least a week ahead. There were a few people who worked full time but most were not A-B students. If at all possible work only part time. 2nd semester is even harder, school is 3 days a week 8-2 and clinicals 1 day 8-5. The material is harder and a lot of study is required. If you make it to 3rd semester then life is good.

    Good luck
  4. by   5LR14
    Hi, first of all congrats on getting in! I'm in the RN program right now. There are some people who are working while going to school. I don't work, and I'm sure that I would have a harder time if I did. However, it seems to be very doable for some. It really just depends on the person. Good luck!