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beville state summiton campus nursing program

  1. 0 how is the beville state nursing program? It is hard to get into? I have a friend who just got in with her points in the 160's.
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    I would hope it is a good program. I got in there as well. Are you saying the points aren't good enough or just asking a general question? I am not sure what her points had to do with your question?
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    no i am curious about the points because thats about the amount of points I have and I am wondering my chances of getting in for spring there, but I also want to make sure they have a decent program before I apply. I live an hour away so its going to be a pretty long commute for me. What is their point system like there? How many points did you have?
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    I'm not sure about the point system they currently use. It is a good, but hard program. They push you very hard, but you will learn a lot. I know it is hard to get into and highly competitive. Unless they changed something, they only accept classes in the fall.

    Source: I'm a '07 Graduate from BSCC!
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    Sorry I haven't been on here in a couple of days... I think their point system is like everyone elses... that is about the same range of my points... only difference is I am having to take a bio challenge exam or the bio 103 class this summer to lock in my spot... I am pretty sure Aimee03 is right they only take apps once a year... Wallace and Jeff State accept for Fall and Spring...
    As far as how hard they are... I am prepared for it to be the hardest thing of my life! I don't expect anything to be easy from here... Good luck!! This forum has really helped me as far as information goes....

    Sorry if I sounded ugly... I should really read my posts before I send them...

    I didn't mean to sound that way in ANY way!!