Bevill State Fall 2012- What to expect?

  1. I got my acceptance letter a week ago. So many thoughts and questions are racing through my mind. I've been working at a local hospital as a CNA, my oldest will be a freshman in college this fall and my youngest will be graduating from high school in 2 years. Yep, the same time I'm scheduled to be finishing my last semester in the program :uhoh21:

    I got accepted to the Fayette campus. I was wondering if any students from last year could kinda give me an idea what to expect orientation day and the 1st semester? I have all my academic classes completed except for a humanity class. Would it be best to try and complete it as an on-line class during 1st semster?
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  3. by   kgl_2014
    Well, I would like to know this info as well. I got accepted @ Jasper and have spoken to some grads but they all graduated a few years back. I've finished all my classes except my Humanities elective which I am completing right now during Summer semester. Anyone out there have details for us newbies?
  4. by   YouSmellLikeCDiff
    I'm a little late on joining this thread but I would love to have an update from both of you on how the Nursing Program at Bevill State is going!
  5. by   kgl_2014
    Things are going really well so far. Hopefully it will continue the upward trend! . All of our instructors are really nice and helpful and all of the fellow students have grown close.

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