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I'm thinking about switching to the Part time program...But I would like some feedback of those who are currently in the program. I am at the Birmingham campus, and I'll just leave it at that. Any information given will be... Read More

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    Quote from Lucy G
    by, math, would the "calculate with confidence" book cover that?
    Yes that is the right book to use to learn the Math.

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    All nursing schools that I know of do ERI testing. I went to LPN in Virginia in 2005 and we had to take them. Same at RN in Florida in 2008. We were told in the RN program that we had to pass test in order to pass program....50 pwople out of over 100 did not pass after retries x2, I don't know about the final try, but I do know that they made statement that they could not fail those who didn't pass the test bc it wasn't listed as a req for graduation in the student catalog, but that they were pursuing adding it to the catalog for later classes. We were required to show up for the retry testing or it was considered that we weren't trying then we could fail for not meeting the requirement that the catalog did warn about--actually taking the tests (though not passing). If that makes any sense. So lesson I hope to bring to the thread is, don't think you can just go to another school and get away from ERI. It is very difficult, but the NCLEX is, too. (NCLEX-RN is entirely different and much more difficult than NCLEX-PN, if that's of interest to anyone, as well.)

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