Anyone applying to UAB accelerated BSN program for Fall 2010? Or have you went there?

  1. 0 There are many posts on the MSN program, but not really any on the ABSN program. Maybe I'm the only applying . Yeah right. I've applied to both UAB and UF for fall '10. I have already taken the GRE but wanted to get my MSN at UF because they have many tracks available.

    So what I really wanted to know is how many applications they receive and how many people they accept!
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    Do you mean the 2nd degree BSN program? or accelerated MSN?
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    Yes, the ABSN (2nd degree).
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    I'm applying to UAB and would love any info on the school!
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    Im looking for info too! Are you applying to the accelerated BSN program for fall 2010
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    yes, the accelerated program! I've only been to bham once so I don't even know anything about the area! Are you from AL?
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    yay! I never been to bham and I live in FL. I just found out today I was accepted there as a "pre-nursing" major, but I still have to apply to the upper division part. Are you from AL?
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    I'm from AZ, so it might be a bit of a culture shock for me! When did you apply?
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    It might be. I applied on Dec 30 and got decision jan 14. Have you applied yet?
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    Yes, I've been accepted as a pre-nursing student. I am about to contact my advisor! Are you applying to any FL schools? Why did u choose UAB?
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    Yay! Yeah my over-the-phone advising is Tuesday. I also applied to University of FL. I chose UAB because I have all the prereqs and heard it was a good school.
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    I heard the same!! What is your GPA/undergrad degree? GOOD LUCK!
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    I talked to the advisor today. I have a 3.4 science gpa. She told me a lot of things... one being 150 people are accepted and 250 apply. Not bad odds.

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