Anyone applying for Calhoun Community College's Nursing program for Fall 2013?

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    I'm going insane waiting on a response to my application. Any current applicants or previous Calhoun nursing students reading this, how many points did you have? What was your GPA? I'm so nervous that my GPA is too low (it's a 2.75; I forgot to withdraw out of a class), so I'm trying to see what anyone else has so I don't go bonkers while waiting for a response. I know it's really difficult to get accepted the first time.

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    Moved to the Alabama State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    how did it work out??
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    I applied for fall 2013, but I'm still not sure if I'm even going to get in! I made a 59 on the TEAS, which I'm not thrilled about, but I'm hearing that people who made very low 50's still applied... so that made me feel a little better. I think my GPA is 3.4.. but I made pretty much all B's in any of the classes that actually matter. I made a C in micro - all thanks to an evil teacher.
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    Turns out for the GPA, they only look at the last 24 credit hours. My GPA then should be a 3.2 (yay) after busting my butt to make A's in the Spring semester. My TEAS score was an 80, and I've already gone ahead and taken all of the required courses, not just the A&Ps and Micro and Math110. My total score should be 172, but of course this isn't a guarantee that I'll be selected for the part-time program. The minimum entrance score changes every year, and I've heard so many contradicting rumors about lowest acceptable scores that it's almost pointless to ask anymore. I guess all I can do is cross my fingers and wait for my letter. :/
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    I applied for the fall, too! Nervously waiting for that packet! I applied for the RN Day program and I am so ready to find out. I heard last falls minimum point value was 126 for the RN day. But it really does depend on how many applicants there are.
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    I've applied for the part time RN program, and I have 170 pts.
    I checked with a friend who got in last fall, and she received her letter Jun 19th, last name ending in "C". And the point cut off was 126. Just for courosity, do the points differ for the full time program vs the part time program? Hoping my acceptance letter comes in this week, my bday is this Sat. That would be a nice gift, lol.
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    I really hope the cut off point is lower than that. I have 120 points if I'm adding it up right.... ooohhh goodness. This stress is too much!
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    I have read that there has been a cut off of 100 pts before, so who knows! Good luck!
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    I haven't hard about a difference between the programs point values, but who knows? I am sooooo nervous about this. My family is getting sick of hearing me talk about it, I bet. I applied with 157, 3.6 GPA, all pre reqs done and I am a current student. A in Micro and high B's in anatomy and phys.
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