Anyone applying for Calhoun Community College's Nursing program for Fall 2013? - page 2

I'm going insane waiting on a response to my application. Any current applicants or previous Calhoun nursing students reading this, how many points did you have? What was your GPA? I'm so nervous... Read More

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    My last name starts with 'P' so I'm looking at mid-July if that alphabetical pattern holds true for this year. I've heard from someone else that they got their letter around June 19th last year too, and their last name began with 'B'. I wonder, if I don't make it into the program, would they let me know earlier rather than wait until freakin' July? Then again, it IS Calhoun...
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    My family is getting sick of me obsessing over it too! My mom has been breathing down my neck about it since I applied in February! I hope I get in just so I don't have to listen to that anymore (and vice versa).
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    I have heard about the alphabetical thing. I applied for spring 2013 and got my rejection letter October 10th. Apps were due September 7th I believe. My last name starts with a C, but I have a friend who got hers the same time and her last name began with an M. So...I don't know how true that things is. Thankfully I had to wait for my micro grade and could t apply until right before the deadline, I probably would've gone nuts by now if I applied any earlier.
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    Were you both rejected, or did your friend get in and get her letter the same time as you? (maybe they send all letters out at the same time?????)
    looks like right at a month from last day to apply!
    ~~fingers crossed~~
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    We were both rejected. I don't think the alphabetical thing is exactly true, I bet they just send them all out at once.
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    You got rejected in the spring? are you applying with the same score or did you retake some classes?
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    I was in the middle of taking micro at another college so...Didn't get the points for that. I missed the cut off by 1 point...... Ended up retaking Micro at Calhoun and took the TEAS again. Increased my total points by 38 points.
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    Uh yeah.. you need to stop worrying. Haha.. you'll get in. It's us losers who need to be freaking out!
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    I'm sure you'll get in! What program are you trying for?
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    Day time RN!! You know... the same one everyone else with more points than me wants to get into? :P It'd be nice if they sent the letters like, I don't know.. yesterday?!

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