Anyone applying for Calhoun Community College's Nursing program for Fall 2013? Anyone applying for Calhoun Community College's Nursing program for Fall 2013? - pg.10 | allnurses

Anyone applying for Calhoun Community College's Nursing program for Fall 2013? - page 13

I'm going insane waiting on a response to my application. Any current applicants or previous Calhoun nursing students reading this, how many points did you have? What was your GPA? I'm so nervous... Read More

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    Me too! Can't wait to meet everyone!
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    Kshor can't wait to hear!
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    I will post as soon as the mail runs!
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    I GOT IN!!!!
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    well my letter says I didnt get in, but my grades for anatomy 2 and micro are missing, along with the extra classes that i finished. my score should be 135, I dont know if they made a mistake, but on my calhoun it says they received my transcripts and everything.. so i will be calling first thing monday morning..
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    Strange! I hope they made mistake!
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    Quote from catisclumsy
    I GOT IN!!!!
    Can't wait to meet you! Congrats!!
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    I got in also!
    now to get all the medical/vaccine stuff done! Can't wait! I'm excited! Even my baby girl (4 yrs) is proud of me! Sweetness!!!
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    I'm going to the doctor tomorrow congrats!!
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    I got in too! See ya'll at orientation!
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    I am in after all! (:
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    I have questions all the way around. I called the Nursing department and talked to the secretary to try and find out about when the applications open up for the part time evening RN program and couldn't get a straight answer, I was only told to keep watching the Nursing page for the announcement. To at least know a time frame would have been nice. I'm trying to build an estimate of when I may be able to graduate, knowing this information would help also knowing how long it actually takes to get accepted would be nice too. I have heard from so many that it took them two years to just get in the program from the time they started applying. This has me seriously stressed since I'm already 50 this year. I have all my biology classes out of the way, finished math and will take English this semester. I still haven't taken the teas yet, I plan to study for it and test this summer. I worry waiting to do the TEAS this summer may be a mistake since it will push my eligibility to apply out to 2016.
    Does anyone know approximately when they open up applications and how long it usually takes to get in?