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Is anyone applying to Calhoun for Fall 2009? I'm taking two classes this spring and hope to have enough points to get in Fall 2009.:nuke: If there is anyone else out there that is doing the same, I'd love to hear from you.... Read More

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    Hey! As of right now, I am planning to apply to the Calhoun's nursing program for fall 2009. I am still in high school, so i'm going to take an anatomy and math class during the summer after I graduate....I know my chances of getting in are very very slim, but i've talked to at least 3 people who are in it and they said it wasn't impossible...

    ha, we'll see..

    best of luck

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    Good Luck with your application. I'm already taking Anatomy & Phys. 1. I heard that A & P 2 is easier than 1, but we will see about that! I might try A & P 2 this summer or Microbiology. I haven't taken the Compass yet, but I guess I should soon. I'm a little nervous about that. I'm also trying to get good grades in the two classes I'm taking now.
    It seems like a lot of work right now. The chapters are packed with tons of information to memorize! Let me know how its going for you, when you get a chance. Take Care
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    Thank you for the reply!

    So are you already in the nursing program?

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