AL Nurse Residency/New Grad programs?

  1. 0 hi there! i am a nursing student due to graduate in june, and i'm in the process of applying for jobs. i live in ohio (where it's snowing like crazy right now!) and i want to move south. does anyone out there know of any nurse residency or new grad training programs at hospitals around alabama.? i'm just looking for some helpful advice or insight that can give me an idea of what to look for, or what to expect. any help would be appreciated very much! thank you
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    UAB Hospital has an RN Internship program. Children's Hospital is beginning an Internship program, I've heard....and I think that maybe St. Vincent's might be starting something, too.

    You'd want to apply now for the UAB Intern program. I applied already and have an interview scheduled for next I'd get on that if you want it! Look at

    Good luck!
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    Brookwood Medical Center is advertising openings for new nurse RN grads (as of 2/28/09)

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