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    agency nursing promised flexability to meet your lifestyle..work when you want...blabla...sounds good...l would like to do it....but the truth lies in your statement about an inflexable nurse not being an asset to your agency....l don't want to be flexable for you...l want to work where l want, when l want for a lot of money, like the ads imply....however.....that is not how it works out.....so l will take the security of working full time with an unchanging schedule in a dept. (ER)...where l never get floated.....when l fulfill my full time comittment.....l don't give any more...unless l want to.........just my .02.......LR

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    Hi caliotter3.

    What agency means by contacts...is contacts at a hospital to find out about openings or needs for nurses for travel contracts..
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    Thanks Brownms46

    I realized I misread her post a little after I sent mine. That's why it pays to have your brain half on when you're on the net! I'm glad you caught it, as I come to these boards a lot just to learn new stuff. Thanks again.

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    i use o do agency i had its benifiets and its draw backs. my biggest problem was wih the agency lieing to me everytime i turned around 4 different agencies sams thing. i hae to be jerked around as was a very loyal employee o them but hey felt free to screww me over frequently. he other issues was in training and ceus and lack of beniiefits.
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    What would you do if a nurse working for you was placed on a do not use list?
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    It depends on what the problem was. Some hospital put you on a do not use list...for just about anything they feel like it! I found it was kind of like a backlash...sometimes against agency nurses who wouldn't jump high enough when the facility said jump. Rarely was it was something serious. So it would just depend .a lot of agnecy nurses have at least one place their on a do not use...list. Sometimes it's for canceling the hospital...or refusing to go to a certain floor.
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    my reluctance with signing up with different agencies is they all promise the best rates and get you into whatever hospital you want. however, after filling out countless skills checklists, having my co-workers called a million times by different agencies looking for a reference, still no success in finding me an assignment in my area.
    I think it the agency can give a list of hospitals they have contracts (or whatever you guys call it) with then it would help potential travelers decide if they want to work with that agency, and then with suggestions from travelers, the agencies could decide if they need to expand their access to hospitals in different areas.

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