Tips For the Journey

  1. I know I learned most everything about travel nursing from trial and error. I sure wish I had been on Allnurses back then!

    What quick tips would you give a new travel nurse before his/her first assignment?

    1. Take your on hair dryer, that one in the room sucks!
    2. Take things from home you are attached to (like certian brands), they might not be there.
    3. Take a can opener, a cork screw, an ironing board cover of your own, extra pillows, your favorite blanket, and your own favorite toilet tissue (hotel issue is rough and tough).
    4. Find a way to let your spouse keep the car, or take theirs to avoid cabin fever, and incase they need something.
    5. Find the numbers of every food delivery in the area for you, and your SO in the room!
    6. Immodium AD, and Tums-you will dine out alot, nuff' said.
    7. Find out if your Cell Phone Co. services that area, you might be surprised.
    8. Learn how to use discount travel sites. They can save you a ton, especially in advance!
    9. Carry some cash(and some in small denominations) at all times, ATM machines or your bank can be hard to find (and pricey).
    10. Take at least 3 rolls of quarters for Laundrymat, Vending, etc.
    11. Network with agency nurses on site, they contain a wealth of information about your new assignment, are they extending?, and they know the ropes.*

    Don't believe everything about $$$ exchange talk, don't buy in to negativity unless it is a general consensus, and they know the major policy/procedures and facility culture.

    Thanks for any ideas or input!!
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