Staff bidding on positions for premium pay

  1. One hospital I work in has started a bidding program for their regular, part time and casual staff, they can bid on shifts for premium pay, sometimes more than they pay us agency. I have noticed a decline in my hours because fo this. Has anyone else experienced this? I recently started a weekend job due to the cut back in my hours. Now, of course their needs increased but too bad I am busy.
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  3. by   Shell7280
    At the hospital I go to most of the time, they started putting up a sign up sheet, for their regular staff to pick up extra shifts, but I don't think they pay them more.....but it's definetely cut back MY hours!....I'm signing up for a contract through another agency, to work two days a week TWO HOURS away, just to get some guarrenteed income . Hard to build a house without income!
  4. by   NancyRN
    Agency work has all but dried up in my area. The two major hospital conglomorates created in-house agencies. No one else is allowed in.

    I went to work for one of the hospital owned agencies but then they started requiring contract work. I can't work three 12-hour shifts; thats why I went agency to start with. If I don't agree to thirteen weeks of 12 hour shifts I don't get any work at all.
  5. by   Geeg
    Don't worry those regular staffers will get sick of the OT, and start leaving to get married and have babies soon enough.