Seriously thinking of doing agency work. Pros and cons? - page 3

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I'm a LPN with an extensive background in LTC and currently employed in a wound healing clinic. I'm at the point in my career and life that I would like to work when I choose as I am tired and in pain (Fibromyalgia,... Read More

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    take one contract at a time. If you like your recruiter and the company ,it benefits all of you. I enjoy traveling and my theory is; if I like where I am at and you offer an extension, ok if not I can leave without all the hoopla. Same goes for the companies I have worked with - I can take a second contract or search for someone that I feels is a better fit for me
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    BahoRN don't work for Parallon whatever you do....
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    I second the motion to these! Parallon doesn't quietly understand the importance proper work management.