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  1. [FONT="Arial"]Alright, so here's the question/deal. Yesterday I decided to take it upon myself to email my agency (recuriter) and asked her if she knew if they were hiring within the company as a recuriter as I am really in need of a stable permanent full time job. I really didn't think she would actually of answered me back, and she said that yes that they actually were looking for a recuriter/staffing manager and then asked me if I knew of any LPNs/RNs to bring on board - of course I told her no, but am still interested in the position and that I didn't mind sharing the on-call status with her (seven days on and seven days off of being on-call). She told me in the next email, that she would call me today, and that the position has been posted for some time now and they are doing some interviewing but that she would call me. My question is: DO YOU GUYS THINK I WOULD HAVE A CHANCE?? I would so love that opportunity to work in that aspect, and even though I would do that I would still be interested in being an LPN on the side with them in addition to that job. I'm sitting here hoping she calls me, and I have been analyzing the emails she sent me to see if she meant that I had a chance or not. She's already met with me, and she is the general manager of the agency by the way, not sure if that matters. Sorry this is so long, but wanted to tell you the full story so I could get an honest answer! Maybe I have an edge because I'm an LPN??
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Do you have experience as a staffer, or recruiter? Are you aware that when on call, you can be getting phone calls at any time of the day or night, and I mean that literally. If a nurse is scheduled, and then does not show or calls in sick, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement for that job right away.

    Your pay is normally going to be higher working in the role of the LPN for an agency, not as a recruiter/staffing person.

    And if the job has been posted for awhile, why was it not already filled?