Progressive Nursing Agency-any info.

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    I am strongly considering agency nursing for the flexibility. I have been holding on to the Orientation Packet for Progressive since I had my 2nd child 6 months ago. I think I am ready to give it a shot and do contract 13 wk assignments or something like that. Any info. on Progressive's Rep. in the Virginia Metro Area.
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    I have worked for Progressive as a full time agency nurse for the last 3yrs. I started out per diem while i was at my full time job. Depending on your speciality and where you live-you can be very busy. I am in the MD/DC area but i must admit-i had to take a 13wk contract because i was getting cancelled alot. E-mail me privately if you need more details.
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    The Baltimore-Washington Progressive office is very busy especially if you are muli-skilled. Every Hospital I have been at I have seen a Progressive badge in this area.
    I think their rates are a little low.