Please Do Not Post Recruiter Information

  1. please do not post recruiter information on the public boards per our terms of service. this includes sending private messages (pm) with specific information by recruiters.

    linking to websites / solicitations:

    we do not allow any self promotional post announcing websites to gain exposure, it does not matter if it is non-profit. it is against board rules to invite, solicit or coerce others to join other community websites through posts, email, pm, use of membership list or any other resource within the website. we allow linking to other information websites, as long as it is for informational purposes and not for self promotion advertisement. staff members may remove or edit links at it's discretion.

    please note that advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate to post, send through pm, email or any other feature of the website: message boards, guest book, chartroom, etc. want to advertise?
    [font='comic sans ms']terms of service (tos)

    thank you.


    brian short rn - founder and administrator
    and all of our volunteer administrator and moderator staff
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