No raise after a year of working for hha.

  1. I was just wondering what other agencies do after a one year employment. I am per diem because I'm still not comfortable doing wound vacs or starting IV's and they prefer full timers to do it all. I do change Picc dsg, draw blood via picc, monitor IV infusions, venipuncture lab draws, wound care, etc. Not being full time, I don't get mileage or benefits. I work 5 days a week including my weekends and continue on thru the next week, often volunteering for weekends that I'm not responsible for. I'm usually available for any last minute visits thrown in during the day. I get all my visits documented and synched the same night. Usually have 10 pts. Never called out sick. I asked my supervisor for a possible raise or atleast something to compensate for the rising cost of gas! She said she would ask **** That was 3 weeks ago. Haven't heard anything. I really don't know if I can afford this job anymore and maintain my car/tires/oil..... I love this job but am I up against a brick wall? I took and IV course last week, $40 out of pocket, 4 hours of work lost, no compensation. (IV course was not what I expected. STILL don't feel comfortable starting IV) Any suggestions? I just feel that I should be full time with all I put into the company. Hmph!
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    After all it is a business. Aren't we all in it for business? $$$$$