need help in getting license from other states

  1. 0 i have looked at the california, new york and new jersey websites and the info is confusing to me. i currently only have a license rn in alabama. would appreciate any info,advice that would help me know exactly what documentation they want from me. thanks ,joanne strider
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    Quote from travel nurse2009
    i have looked at the california, new york and new jersey websites and the info is confusing to me. i currently only have a license rn in alabama. would appreciate any info,advice that would help me know exactly what documentation they want from me. thanks ,joanne strider
    i did the california rn lic by endorsement several years ago, i have a rn lic that is compact, so i have no experience with the other 2 states you mentioned.

    for ca
    licensure by endorsementto qualify for endorsement (reciprocity) into california as a rn, you must hold a current and active license in another state or canada, have completed an educational program meeting all california requirements, and have passed national council licensure examination (nclex-rn) or the state board test pool examination (sbtpe). the canadian comprehensive examination is not acceptable. if you do not possess these qualifications, you do not qualify for licensure by endorsement and must apply to take the examination instead.

    to apply for licensure via the online endorsement process

    to apply for licensure via mail-in endorsement process

    all applicants must provide the following:

    appropriate fees. send check or certifed check unless applied on line then credit card information is needed

    completed application for licensure by endorsement. you can download, and print and mail with the check

    completed fingerprints using either the live scan process or the applicant fingerprint card (hard card) processing method as directed in the "instructions for submitting fingerprint cards". submit the appropriate nonrefundable total fee as directed on the application fee schedule. you can request finger-print cards and take them to a polic station and have them finger-print you and then you can mail the cards with your application to the board of nursing along with the cost for both the fingerprinting processing fees and license fees.

    note: application does not include fingerprint cards or live scan form. fingerprint cards and livescan forms may be requested on the requests page. you can request fingerprint cards directly on the california board of nursing web site on the request page.

    one recent 2" x 2" passport-type photograph. i got my passport type picture take at my local post office, you also can go to any place that does passport photos.

    completed verification of license form or nursys verification request application if your board of nursing participates in nursys . international graduates must also submit license verification from the board of nursing where the examination was taken. request this information from the alabama board of nursing, there may be a fee for the alabama board to verify your rn licens to california. alabama board of nursing will have the answer to this.

    request for transcript form(s) completed and forwarded directly from the nursing school(s) with certified transcripts. request the transcripts from your school of nursing to send this from the school directly to the california board of nursing. there may be a fee for this service. call the registar's office of your school, this "office" can assit you with the process for getting certified transcripts to the california board of nursing.

    if applicable, documents and/or letters explaining prior convictions or disciplinary action and attesting to your rehabilitation as directed in section ii of the general information and instructions. hopefully you will not have this part, but if you have any then you will need court records, alabama board of nursing records etc., to have send to the califonia board of nursing.

    temporary license form (optional) if you wish to begin work pending issuance of a permanent license. applicants wishing to obtain a temporary license on a walk-through basis, see minimum requirements for a temporary license to be issued at the board office. i requested a temporary rn license so that i could work in california while awaiting permanent licensure. california is a "walk through"state, if you had sent everything to them, and when to sacramento in person, they would issue the temporary rn lic that day. or they will send you the temporary to your home of record.

    note: the board makes every effort to process temporary licenses on a same day basis; however, due to the high volume of applications, we may not be able to issue a temporary license on the same day.

    i hope this helps and makes califonai licensure less confusing for you. yes many "hoops" to jump through, but to me it was worth the time.
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    thank you so much for all this info. this will be very helpful. thanks again,joanne strider

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