I need help!!! Im being robbed!!!

  1. 0 I worked a Vitas case through my agency. It was a home case . they normally have carbon copies of charting for agency nurses to take home to fax to prove they were there. Well this case had no carbon copies for this home case. I signed in and out for the night.Charted Q 2 hours. 2 weeks later I still have not been paid because Vitas mysteriously cant prove I was there. I am mad , angry and down right PO'ed beause my agency is now saying that they cant pay me unless Vitas approves...if they dont....that means I pretty much worked for free that night....( 13 hour shift by the way)

    WHAT CAN i DO? I am tempted to get a lawyer involved, I am just so mad!!!

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    No One Has Anything To Offer
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    Tell your agency that you supplied the given confirmation of work performed and the correct charting. Since you work for them and not Vitas, they are responsible to pay you whether or not Vitas pays them. So, you should let your agency know that you know that and that you will be bringing them to the state labor board to get your pay and investigate whether or not it is a common practice for them to withhold payment for work performed.
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    Im clueless what the heck are Vitas?

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