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Got a call from my agency stating that a facility does not want to return. Due to the fact I had a med error (mind you I reported it. Not to cover it up) and the staff complained that I did not do anymore then I had to do. That I... Read More

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    Just got an interview for Thursday. I'm not running away, just really angry with the way the Agency have handled this. According to those on high - ie UKCC - I should still be working so I am so angry that my career is in the hands of this office manager, with no nursing background, who doesn't really know what she is doing. She keeps on stating standard letter to me, and tells me to ignore them, when I told her about a letter from head office that implys that I should still be getting shifts from Apex, just not at the facility where the investigation is happening. For the record, the mistake is not mine, in fact I was the person who brought the nurse in charge's attention to it, but she didn't follow it up or pass it on! So angry with these people. I do feel that I am being scapegoated. At least you have some work! I have two children who won't have any sort of a Christmas thanks to this! I am so upset for them.

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    I have been doing agency for almost 3 years now. I can tell you that I could not stand being in a nursing home when I was doing my LPN clinicals. However, It is all I do now and it has really grown on me. Your assignment is what you make of it.
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    Sorry to hear about your position....but if I can just give you a little advice....First you really need to look at your part in what happened....are you the type of a person to just do the bare minimum, do you offer to help others when you are done with your work, are you thorough, do you depend on staff to help you " a little too much", do you find ways to learn without necessarily depending on others, are you willing to come in a little early or stay a little late to help you to learn certain things????? All of these depending on your answers can play a big part in why your termination happened....One thing I have learned throughout my many years as a nurse...(25+)...you have to have the respect of your peers inorder to function well....you have to work well side by side with your peers no matter how you feel about each other personally, you cannot under any circumstances be a "LAZY" nurse, you have to be willing to give 100% most of the time, so when you can only physically or mentally only give 90%, on any given day, it will be ok, you have to be willing to take constructive criticism, and learn from it. As far as your med error, I know a lot of places can terminate you if the med error occurred while on probation, depending on the severity of the error, and how else your work reputation was....so try not to be too down on yourself, but be honest when thinking about your part...there are a lot of different fields of nursing...I am sure there is one out there that you would be happy with, and work well in....as long as you do your part....but if you are trying to just slide by, make good money with doing little work, then nursing is not the place for you....

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