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  1. i am new to paperless and electronic charting( care connections ) with advocate health care hospitals ..... i did the agency care connection computer training for 8 hours for 10 bucks an hour and felt so overwhelmed and nervous if i will be able to remember everything re admit/discharge/check orders/ pull mar etc alll in computer and no conventional charting ie flagging red for med orders etc...i am from the old school and new to this....i turned down work for x2 shifts bec i am fearful i make a mistake with this computer charting while doing my agency work in diff places......i cant afford to get malpractice insurance as of this time since i am broke and poor. i called my agency LATER in the day and told them i changed my mind and work those 2 shifts ie labor day and day after labor day bec i needed to work irregardless and my boyfriend told me to stop being a whimp and just do it.
    man..they got upset and never returned my call back...
    am i a loser for being a scaredy cat...i needed time to think about it before jumping the gun..i worked for the lowest paid nurse agency anyway in my area . it is run by insurance agents ie husband and wife with no nursing background....the original owners i heard from gossip who were both rns sold it to them and left the country.
    thanks for listening ...sorry i had to get this off my chest...i felt scared anyway bec i know there is a lot of anger and hostility in that pscyh unit in that facility exp towards new agency nurses esp on holidays when there is much moolah and i got concerned they might leave me in the dark..the other agency nurse there who worked in same agency as mine had been there x2 years and work x40 hour shifts regualry every week....i got offered the crumy shifts and days...
    i was just concern with protecting my license....should i shadow again the other agency nurse there for free? i really dont want to but this feels like lowering myself to the ground.... unit staff in the unit are not friendly in that hospital and parking is 18 bucks for eight hours...
    .gee...all staff are encouraged to take public transportation or ride their bikes...
    .i am waiting for job interviews for full time positions ...i work in pscyh and agencies are not interested reading our resume. i want to hang on to my nursing license dearly and not be in trouble with this hit and miss no guarantee dead end job situation of mine...it is really true that agency staff are all sweetie when asking people to work and turns into a rattle snake when u tell them u need time to think about it...oh my god
    pls help...any advice greatly appreciated...
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