Best Agencies in Houston, TX

  1. 1 What type of agencies are in Houston? Is there a decent amount of work at these agencies? Pros and Cons.
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    I really liked All About Staffing (now it's called Parallon Workforce Mgmt Solutions). Depending on what area you are looking at working in depends on the shift availability. I had ample work (it was my only job at the time and I worked 3-4 shifts per week), and they were easy to work with.
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    Thanks for that info, btw how many patients did you have and how did you like working at HCA facilities? They are the agency
    that recruits for HCA I believe.
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    Yes, they have a contract with all the HCA hospitals. Just like anywhere else in TX, all M/S or M/S tele will have up to 5. on more straight tele floors you will have max 4 and I think the PCU is three?? You have an aide, most of the time ... there are the days that they are all sick, or something like that. :/ Overall not bad. HCA in general is fine. They use MediTech comp system, which kinda reminds me of the Apple computers from the late 80's, it's not my favorite computer documentation system, but ok.
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    Maybe a cheap package offering....Epic is the best out there now, in my opinion.

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