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What is best way to deal with a staff nurse that is increasingly becoming difficult. We each have assigned team. This nurse started friendly, extremely talkative on noc shift. Then began... Read More

  1. by   dance4life
    I worked for an agency that didn't do anything with a hostile nurse. lmao! Luckily I was there long enough for her bosses to appreciate when I was there, so I was able to report it directly to the facility. I never went back.

    As for travel, my recruiter is pretty good about fixing things. I am having problems with a charge nurse like this. She just gave me a bad evaluation. o_O lmao! I was going to confront the Manager, but you know I think I will let my recruiter handle this.
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  2. by   bigboi
    She is a bully! The is first thing I would do is go through the proper chain of command. If that doesn't work, then you'd have to result to more confrontational methods. Theres a reason why she is only picking on you. You need to put her in her place or find somewhere else in the facility to work.
  3. by   LaRN
    I have no advice, but it seems like there are more nurses in the workforce with personality disorders than there is in the general population. i've seen a few crack up over little or no reason.
  4. by   nurselabrat
    Sometimes staff nurses have a resentment for agency nurses. I guess there are plenty of reasons why, but it doesn't make our jobs any easier. I would tell her that I respect her position there and appreciate any useful help she has to offer. I would try to turn it around so that perhaps she would not feel threatened by me. This gesture would be an attempt to try to calm the situation and improve the working relationship. I would try to take a different approach than an all out confrontation. If you have to work with somebody you don't want them trying to stab you in the back at every opportunity, and if you make her mad, she will. I would also let my agency know what was going on, perhaps they could intervene. The agency should be made aware of the working conditions for their nurses. I had a terrible time recently at a facility and I decided that I would not go back. It was obvious to me that the other nurses didn't want agency nurses there. During my time there I was polite and courteous. I didn't cause any conflict and I removed myself from bad situations at every opportunity. That is the good thing about an agency nurse, you don't have to take a bad assignment.