Nurse of 6 years going into plastics

  1. Hello,
    I have been working at hospital in a pre-post cardiac cath. unit, but have always wanted to work in a plastic surgery practice. I recently applied for a RN position in a plastic surgery office and had one interview and will be interviewing with the DR. next week. Any words of wisdom regarding working in Plastics and also anything I should brush up on before my interview with the Doc? I have just wanted this for so long that I want to be totally ready!
    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   newrnltc
    Hello! I just wrote a really long post in the ambulatory/clinic nursing forum about getting a clinic position. Maybe there will be something there that's helpful for you. Plastics can be elective (cosmetic) or medically necessary. You should be able to voice how your experience helps you cater to both populations. It is my experience the cosmetic pts can be even more demanding then any of the needy pt's I've ever met on the floor. Then again, if you are dropping down several thousand dollars you expect to be treated like a VIP damn it lol. Can you provide that while still managing all your other duties/pts? Your psych assessment skills will also be important. Does this person have realistic expectations/distorted self image? Is this their 15th nip, tuck? Never a dull moment in nursing. Good luck!