new grad going for interview at plastic surgery center any advice.

  1. Hi all, I'm a new grad and just landed an interview at a plastic surgeons office, I don't have much working experience other than a being a CNA for abot 2 years and babysitting. What can i expect at the interview, i know i'm dreading the "why should we hire you over other more q'ualified candidates" is going to arise. Can someone with similar situation give me advice as to what to expect and respond???

    This is my FIRST interview. IM SO NERVOUS!!!
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  3. by   muddmz11
    I would say to think about what you excelled in during nursing school. What did you enjoy that might suit you for plastics? Think of whatever the job requirements are - if you are in the OR, attention to detail; if you are the surgeon's "assistant" during office hours, personality. I started brand new in a plastic surgical center, and I played up my friendly personality. I think that when you are directly interacting with patients (pre-op, PACU, or office hours) this is important as this is a group of people undergoing elective surgery or procedures, and let me tell you, you will see ALL kinds of personalities coming in. The luxury of this setting is you can "dote" a little more on the patients, whereas in a crazy and hectic hospital setting with more "critical" needs (not to say you never have critical needs in PS but you know what I mean) you don't get as much time to do so. I appreciate being ale to connect with and educate my patients prior to and after their surgery. I work in the OR too. I am "meeker" than most OR nurses but I am building the skin I need to keep me going in that environment. This is where personality needs to be more assertive and you need to be more task-oriented.
    Good luck with the interview!
  4. by   SuzieVN
    Be sure to mention your excellent IV skills. And as far as babysitting- that is the hardest job I have 'ever' had. Who knew that such a little cuteypants (AKA poopypants) could be so much WORK? Whew...
  5. by   valedy2
    Thanks. Sorry for the late reply, I went on the interview, did ok but they decided to go with someone who had more experience.