Lpn can they work for a plastic surgeon and inject botox?

  1. Hi I'm new to this site, iv always wanted to work for a plastic surgeon and do laser/botox those kinda of things I was wondering if I were to become and lpn would I be able to do so? I would have to upgrade all my requirements to get into the school so I'm trying to get as much info as I can before I jump into it
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  3. by   roni j
    Hi..I'm an LPN and also a newly licensed Esthetician in Mn. I'm finding that the rules and regs are changing from state to state as far as who can inject Botox and who cannot. Contact your state's Board of Nursing and they will tell you if an LPN can inject Botox and under what circumstances. In Mn LPNs can under the direct supervision of an MD but in Florida, for example, only a Nurse Practitioner or MD can do injectables.
  4. by   duhitsbrielle
    Honestly I'm really sorry but I wouldn't want an LPN injecting anything cosmetic into my face. There is just too much of a schooling difference between an LPN and an NP. And as a nurse myself I don't feel that an LPN or RN has enough knowledge to be doing cosmetic injections. If you want to work in plastics then become a NP.
  5. by   libran1984
    I work with an LPN who is certified to administer botox for her primary job outside of the ED. She loves her other job and her work with the Doc. I wish you much luck. Don't get discouraged by what others say. A certified LPN working in the field may know more than some NPs outside of aesthetics nursing with regards on proper botox administration.

    edit: example of Specialty LPNs performing better than an NP... I was doing ACLS with an FNP who works primarily fast in/out clinics. She kept trying to shock an unshockable rhythm and wonder why the mega-code kept deteriorating. LOL.

    To each his/her own. People go around toting a vast amount of certs behind their name and say this is an example of my education and experience. However, others often over look or don't take the certified individual seriously if he/she don't have an RN somewhere in the title or in some cases, a BSN or higher- then you are pretty much just... well... out in the dust for qualifications, despite your... despite your qualifications!
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  6. by   Elay06
    I think that is very discouraging comment to become NP just to do injectables, there is many certificates an LPN can obtain, but i would not advice for an LPN to spends thousands of dollars on education if all she wants to do injectables.
  7. by   jasmine1234
    Does anyone get the impression that botox pricing is going down? Is there as much money to be made anymore? Seems like a waste to go through all the training if there isn't any money to be made.