Interest in becoming an Aesthetic RN in CA - page 2

Hello All! I am highly interested in becoming an Aesthetic RN. I currently practice in a hospital on a tele floor in CA. After applying to several (many, many, many) positions in the... Read More

  1. by   roser13
    Aesthetic RNs go to nursing school just as every other type of RN. you will need to decide whether to obtain an ASN, BSN or MSN. Then you can chose a local school/program accordingly. RNs do not specialize while in school - they all obtain the same basic nursing education required to sit for the national licensure exam. After obtaining a license, an RN can choose to apply to any type of nursing position that they care to.
  2. by   brainsandbeauty
    im a british student nurse from london, i finish in august yeyyyyy finally, im so excited. My interests are cosmetic/plastic surgery so iwant to be a aesthetic nurse. iv recieved dates and prices of courses for dermal filler and botx, chemical peels etc. id like to start from anytime after september. Need some career advice and what courses can i take to build my career, when looking into england schools and training,there is no information. It seems its all based in america or information is there. so was thinking should i take courses in america and if so how would i go about doing courses there.
    Id like to also hear from aesthetic nurses and their journey and any advice. iv waited so long to qualify and i want to go into a job i can enjoy.x