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I been interning at a medical spa who plans on paying me $25/hour as an RN. They said they are going to make a schedule for me but its been a couple weeks now and I still haven't got my schedule. Then they tell me for the... Read More

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    What are you doing?! Making no money for all of your blood, sweat, and tears in nursing school, in a job that will lead nowhere. Get out, find something that will use your skills and gifts to actually benefit others, aside from assuaging their vanity. Listen to Marshall1.... Get a real nursing job.

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    Thanks everyone! I officially decided to leave that "place".
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    CLAP CLAP CLAP !!!! The more you explain, the more I believe the head honcho is stringing you along. And altho you care for your coworkers, they're not writing you a paycheck nor will they back you up should things go wrong. It's your liability and license on the line!

    And don't be too trusting of those treatment referrals you made. They will be dialing the lawyers should there be a discoloration or scar or something. And the fact that you're not signing or documenting those treatments is VERY SUSPICIOUS to me.

    Good luck.

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