ER RN to Aesthetics/Cosmetics RN with 0 experience in new specialty

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am currently an ER nurse who plans on leaving the emergency room to change my specialty to cosmetic/aesthetic nursing.

    I get this warm fuzzy feeling on the future of my nursing career whenever I think about this upcoming change this summer!

    I will be moving to Houston to find medical spa jobs as a cosmetic/aesthetic nurse. I have 0 experience in this field and am unsure if my tentative plan will work.

    I recently just got accepted to dual-masters' MBA/MSN program this fall 2018. My end goal is to become an NP at a medical spa- either work for a well-known medical spa or open my own.

    Does anyone have any advice they'd like to share? Where do I begin?

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   JadedCPN
    My understanding is this field can be extremely hard to break into, especially with no experience and no training, certifications, or education on things such as fillers, etc. The NP route sounds more plausible, though that's based purely on my speculation as I only know a little from casually browsing for PRN aesthetic jobs. If I were you I would search for a job in Houston that will get you here and pay the bills, and then you can talk to local spas and network to make those necessarily connections that could leave to a job. Good luck!