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are there any aesthetic nurses out there that have figured a way to contract themselves out??? travel aesthetics nursing, now there's a thought...... Read More

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    Sent you a private message-if you don't get it let me know!

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    Hey ladies!

    I am a RN in Texas and I specialize in injectables. I have 4 years of experience in the area. Recently I received an offer to work as a independent contractor for a new medical spa. I need advice on salary rates, hourly/monthly/ daily/percentage? How does it work? Also, I've read some conversations about insurance. What should I know about it?

    Help please!

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    Hey Leonora,
    I'm an ICU nurse and I'm extremely interested in getting my foot in the door with aesthetics... May I ask where in Texas you are located?

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    Hello. I am a new grad and have been working at a Med Spa for a few months. Tomorrow is my 1-day Allergan training which I am really looking forward to, but am curious if you have any advice about where to get more training. I have read everywhere that the best training is practice and have loads of books and videos about Botox and fillers. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks in advance!
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    Quote from BotoxRN
    Hi injector1,

    Just got back from Vegas this afternoon from an aesthetic meeting. It was awesome as usual. Most of the people who go are RNs or aestheticians that work for plastics. I learn so much & it is great talking to other people who do the same thing. Next year it is in Washington, DC. Any of you in the business it is a very worthwhile meeting.

    As far as my 70 pts. it was all in the office except the Dr. had a Botox party at a boutique but we only saw about 16 people together. Next time I'm going for 4 days so they don't kill me

    I am will be getting together with my accountant soon about all of this stuff. I think you should be able to write off mileage or car payment. I will see what he says.

    I agree about the lasers. In the palce I used to work I made 25% on lasers, but I got kind of tired of doing them. I like doing the injectables too as it is much more satisfying! I also love being able to come & go as I please.

    Keep up the good work
    Hello BotoxRN-

    Can you tell me where I can find more information about this aesthetic meeting you've mentioned? Also, I'd love more information on your training classes...when, where, and how much are they? Thanks for the posts!
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    Hi dsquard,

    Sent you a pm. If you don't get it let me know.
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    Hi All!

    I am so excited by great experience's some of you nurses appear to be having in aesthetics! I am an RN who actually became an RN to go into aesthetics, but I can't figure out how to get my foot in the door. I have two years in hospital nursing, but these areas get me nowhere, as everyone wants 1-2 years of experience in injectable's or lasers (I was trying to get a good foundation). I even spoke to an RN in my area who injected me, and I couldn't persuade her to let me shadow/train with her(The Dr. was fine with me doing it, but left it up to her)...she just suggested I get a job in a DR's office, and try to convince them to expand to aesthetics, and that I'll do all the legwork. I wouldn't mind that at all, but there's a lot of if's there, and I can't even find any offices hiring nurses. What about the paid training? You pay a lot, and could lose your knowledge if no one wants to hire you without a year or two of experience. Any suggestions would be very appreciated, as this has now been my dream for 6 years, and I'm a second career nurse here!
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    Hi BotoxRN,

    Are there any/many Male Nurse Medical Etheticians?

    How does one become an instructor for Botox injections?

    Thank You

    Male RN
    2years ICU and Tele
    2years Home Health and Hospice
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    my computer is going crazy and posting things twice.
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    my computer is going crazy and posting things twice.

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