Aesthetic's - How can I get certified in laser, botox, chemical peels etc.

  1. I just got my RN license in RI and I'm hoping there's someone that can tell me what steps I need to take to become certified in EVERYTHING that has to do with aesthetics. I just don't know where to start. I was told going to a beauty school to get my esthetician license and paying $10k is "taking a HUGE step back" at this point. Any help would be great
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  3. by   PrettyInInk
    I'm doing the opposite. I've had my esthetics license 8 years and am now working towards becoming a nurse. If I were you I'd find out if your state lets nurses perform chemical peels and or microdermabrasion. Those are more expensive services and more "clinical". As much as a love being an esthetician I think I'd be a step back if one already had their RN license. Most of the skills (besides the two already mentioned) are more for the day spa setting. Do you really want to be a nurse waxing eyebrows and bikini lines for $20?
  4. by   shayna88
    I am an aesthetician and I have worked only with plastic surgeons for the last 9 years.I am currently working on my RN degree. I too agree that it would be a step backward to go to school for aesthetics. The laws vary from state to state as far as what you can do legally.However, as a nurse you should be able to do more than any aesthetician could. That being said I would advise you to try to get in with a plastic surgeon doing anything you can and take it from do not need a skincare liscense. Hope this helps!