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i don't know if this is the correct place this thread should be..but could anyone give me info on how to become an aesthetic nurse? .. like botox, laser...etc.. medical spa setting?.. I'm a new grad.or will finish my bsn in... Read More

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    Hi! I live in san antonio, tx. Have been an RN for 8 yrs now. I had an MD and PA ask me to go to learn about esthetics so that I can work for them. I have a school in mind but have no idea what the pay rate is. How do I know if they are paying me what I am worth. I am willing to take a small pay cut to get out of floor nursing. They haven't really told me what they would pay me because this is new to them as well. What is a good salary for this in san antonio, tx.
    Please HELP!!!

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    hi healthyhere,
    the main reason i got my nursing degree was to get into aesthetic nursing. I have my esthetician license, worked 1 year at a spa, then busted my butt to finish nursing as my 2nd degree. i have experience in sales and customer service...but have just graduated RN school and no "real" nursing experience. Do you think I should just go straight into the aesthetic industry or get some nursing experience first?

    i'm actually applying for hospital work, but it's not what I want to do in the long run...

    thanks for your advice/input!
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    Hi pinkturesque,

    I have been in the aesthetic biz for almost 8 years now & love it. I didn't do nursing but 6 months & then was a pharma rep for a few years. I got into aesthetics by accident. You might look into getting a job with a derm or plastics & learning about the biusiness. Alot of them won't let their RNs inject so a medi-spa is another avenue. There are several places to get trained but you have to be able to start practicing what you learned asap because you lose it fast!
    Let me know what else I can help you with - look forward to hearing what you do!
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    Hi tansy0175,

    I have been in aesthetics for almost 8 years. If they want you learn they should be willing to pay for your training. I go to meetings & the pay ranges from salary to salary plus commision to 100% commsion. I live in Kansas & have just gone out on my own to do contracting & have my own place. I was at a medi-spa & my pay structure changed allof the time - guess why I left? I made $72K in 2006 but only about 60K in '08 because I kept getting things changed. I also am a national trainer for injectables so I am going to keep doing that as well as my contracting. San Antonio should be in line with KS as far as $ for you.

    Let me know what happens & if I can help you anymore. This is a fabulous field to be in!
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    Our client in San Antonio is hiring an RN to manage their new Aesthetics Clinic in the Alamo Heights area. If you are interested, email your resume to or call 210-479-3446 and ask for Brigitta. Thanks!
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    Hi bglick, my name is tansy and will be receiving my nurse injector training and CLT training with national laser institute in dallas Dec 3-9, 2011. Let me know if you are still looking for an RN.
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    Sorry I have been away for awhile but wanted to thank everyone for their posts!

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