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Working overseas

  1. 0 Hello there I just want to ask something about my situation. I'm in Milan, Italy right now living with my father. I'm a fresh registered nurse from Philippines. I have my permit to stay here in Italy unlimited, but the big problem is their language. That's why it's a long process and it's very hard for me to work here as a nurse.
    As a registered nurse without experience, what is the best thing I can do?
    Some things I'm thinking about is to apply in other countries, most probably London, also NZ, Australia or Switzerland.
    Is there a chance for me to work in this countries?
    If there's a chance, what should I do??

    Hope you guys can help me so I may know what to do.
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    Moved to a thread on it's own in the Advice on Immigration forum.

    A lot involves meeting the country's nurse and immigration requirements. Does your permit allow you to work in other European countries?