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  1. 0 HI,im new in this site. Someone Here in QUEBEC already? specifically in Montreal? A Filipino Immigrant perhaps. Im totally confused now, i really want to go to canada since i also have relatives in alberta. but d problem is, since FSW is temporarilly closed as of now .Enhance Agency suggested d QSW program for me as an immigrant. Now, im considering Quebec as port of entry to canada. But d question is, How many years should i need to stay in quebec before relocating in other parts of canada? what things or requiremnts needed to relocate to other place in canada becyds quebec?
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    Wait for FSW to open. QSW requires you to stay in Quebec and not use it as a backdoor to Canada. If you want to apply as a QSW nurse then prepare to stay here in Quebec because you'd be legally obligated to stay in the province (or nation, as they like to call it) as their skilled worker and not Alberta's or any other province.
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    I will like to know if ability to speak French is not one of the requirements to apply to Quebec?
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    Quote from buntosanya
    I will like to know if ability to speak French is not one of the requirements to apply to Quebec?
    You get bonus points for it.

    If you are planning on being a nurse there you must be fluent in both written and spoken French within a specified time period.
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    Thanks for the response Fiona59

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