Visa Screen to be sponsored as Nurse Practitioner

  1. I'm currently awaiting licensure as an APRN (NP) in Texas. I have completed all my nursing education in the US on a F1 visa (ADN, BSN, and MSN). After my initial licensure as an RN (before I found out about retrogression) I have completed the visa screen process, and my certificate is still valid until July 2013. Now I hope that once I have my APRN license, I will be able to be sponsored by an employee in the E2b ROW category.
    My question is if I will need to renew my visa screen certificate in order to include my APRN licensure for the sponsoring process, or if my current visa screen certificate is still good for this purpose (assuming I get sponsored before the certificate expires of course).
    I can't seem to find the answer for this and will greatly appreciate any insights!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    vsc should be OK as all it requires is passing in NCLEX or CGFNS exam
  4. by   amulam
    Thank you, Silverdragon!