US RN to work in UK

  1. Hi all fellow nurses on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
    I've been an RN really for a while. Originally from Europe (no, NOT the UK), then Canada (Ontario) and since 1991 US (Texas with Compact RN license).
    I got a very nice offer from the UK, but their Board (NMC) is not happy with working with my US license (besides it's more expensive).
    They suggested, I should go back to my county of original license and start from there. To get back my license in my country, I need probably to go there and maybe work for few months.
    Any advice, how could I get the UK RN license from HERE (US, I mean)?
    Texas or Alaska size thank you in advance.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Why are they not happy with your US license if you trained within the EU?

    With what you have written I can see no reason for problems. Can you not get licensed back in your home country without having to work there?