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US RN/NP looking to relocate to Europe

  1. 0 Asking for some info/advice:

    I am a psychiatric RN from the United States (2+years experience) and recent psych NP/CNS (less than a year) and am looking to move to Europe (preferably an English speaking country -Ireland, UK, New Zealand, ).

    I grew up in Europe and would like my children to grow up in Europe as well.

    I would like to work as an advanced practice psychiatric nurse but I am not sure where the best bang for the buck is.

    If anyone out there has any info/contact regarding available positions in Europe that would allow me to keep up a "good" living for my kids while enjoying a good quality of life, please let me know.

    I tried to check some online sites that have available positions but did not see any direct contact info. I know that some countries require extra exams/education requirements. Any info is greatly appreciated!
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    Last I heard New Zealand wasn't in Europe

    I guess you are going to have to be more definite on where you want to live and work. If born in Europe then you have a better chance on working than someone requiring a work permit. Cost of living in the UK is high but a lot will depend on where you want to live. Meeting requirements may be a hurdle as well